Organization’s have many reasons to deploy a private cloud instead of public cloud. Security, integration, cost and service management, type of workload are the factors leading to decision of having private cloud.

Service management consists a range of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) disciplines and also covers entire cloud infrastructure (network, storage, server, workloads, OS, application and middle ware)

If an organisation deploys a private cloud, it usually manages it on premise.But what happens when private cloud isn’t deployed in an organization’s environment? What options are available for private cloud management?

The first option which is on premise requires a workforce which should be skilled to deploy a private cloud and perform related tasks. Second option is to hire a service provider for service management. Service provider would manage the entire cloud infrastructure by provisioning a skilled workforce and required tools.

Second options sounds like outsourcing, doesn’t it?  If cloud is an evolution of outsourcing, then it is very important for the company to choose service provider with an experience in managing a private cloud, right?

This is where the IncrediHost comes into picture: IncrediHostmanaged infrastructure for private cloud. IncrediHost provides extensive set of services for organizations that may not have skills or simply do not not want to manage their private cloud. IncrediHost follows ITIL best practices, utilizes the experience of best minds in Cloud Computing.

The following figure shows architecture of IncrediHost – Managed infrastructure for private cloud

The main characteristics of above architecture are:

* Selection of modular capability: A level of service(base or advanced) can be selected by client based on his requirement.

* Security management: IncrediHost has deployed wide variety of security disciplines into its architecture, such as patch management, security health checks, threat and risk management, security audit, identity and access management.

* Monitoring and end-to-end management: IncrediHost uses the best and latest server monitoring and management tools available in market.

* SLA(Service Level Agreement): We provide robust and customer friendly SLA’s based on resolution and response time.

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